What Dixons have in store for Record Store Day 2019

How is your record store different from other record stores? 

Probably the scope of what we stock, we sell every genre of music. Our Blackburn super store in particular is exceptionally large for a record store, we must have nearly 100,000 items out on the floor. That’s big!

What’s the best advice you can give to someone who is just starting to collect records and doesn’t know where to begin?

Pick the kind of music you like, research online for which titles you are most likely to enjoy, and then off you go. What a town to take up record collecting in, there has to be more records shops per capita here than anywhere else in the world. 

What’s the rarest record you have in stock? 

At the moment it would be Swordsmen’s self-titled record, which we have at our Blackburn shop. An ultra rare Melbourne garage band release from the ‘60s. It’s a private pressing, which means it didn’t come out on a proper record label. Record collectors call one as rare as this a ‘Holy Grail’ record – there was less than 200 ever made and it’s only ever come up for sale a handful of times. 

Why is Record Store Day such an important day on the calendar?

It highlights how important independent record stores are to the culture of Melbourne as a city. This is a city that loves music, there are so many indie record stores, indie record labels and local bands. When it’s so easy to buy things online, it’s so important to make a point of supporting businesses you love. 

What do you have in store for Record Store Day 2019? Do you have any specials and will you have live music on the day?

We do a big sale have 20% off ALL STOCK (excluding new vinyl). It’s a really festive, fun atmosphere in the two stores (Fitzroy and Blackburn) on record store day, we have a great time and love seeing all our regulars and lots of new faces every year.



Find Dixons at 100 Railway Road, Blackburn or 414 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy this Saturday April 13 for Record Store Day. Check them out at dixons.com.au too.