A Weekend In The Gardens knocked it out of the park in their debut weekend

Opening the night’s show was triple J Hottest 100 runner-up, Amy Shark. As the garden punters took a pew on their picnic rugs, the rising talent offered up a selection of her lesser known, yet equally impressive tunes. Included in the mix was Spit on Girls, a fitting addition to her set only three days after International Women’s Day. Picking up her guitar, Shark also shared Home, Deleted and Weekend. With a hint of endearing nerves when speaking to her audience, it only took Shark a second to take back the stage as she enticed us all with her varying vocal style. The clear highlights of the Queensland artist’s set were a rendition of Eminem’s Superman and of course, Adore.
All the way from Western Australia, San Cisco never disappoint when it comes to a live show. Kicking it off with Lover, their jingle-jangle pop vibe is always immediately welcomed and this was no exception. The set had all the hits – B Side, Beach, Golden Revolver, Wash It All Away, Magic, Jealousy, Awkward, Too Much Time Together, Bitter Winter, Mistakes, Snow, Run, Slo Mo and Fred Astaire. However, with a pairing like Jordi Davieson (lead vocals) and Scarlett Stevens (drums & vocals) the standout tunes were those that possessed conversational lyrics between the two members. Endlessly energetic and always adored, San Cisco’s announcement of their new album couldn’t have received a better reaction from the excited crowd.
Last but certainly not least, headliners Boy & Bear took the stage. With an electric energy in the air, the Sydney band was met with a massive introduction from their audience. With a performance style that has been perfected over the years and a plethora of adored songs, the band’s hour-and-a-half set seemed like a summary of their longstanding career. Boy & Bear had prepared songs including Old Town Blues, Three Headed Woman, Milk and Sticks, Break Down Slow, Harlequin Dreams, Bridges, Showdown, Rabbit Song, Lordy May, A Thousand Faces, Feeding Line, Part Time Believer for their Melbourne audience. In return, the guys were given a resounding round of applause after every song and the best dance moves of the night from all of the garden-goers.
The Weekend In The Gardens may only be in it’s first year but they’ve knocked it out of the park on their first go. If Saturday night’s instalment of their three-day event was any indication, the Labour Day weekend series is sure to become an annual soiree.
Words by Phoebe Robertson
Image by Jonathon White
Highlight: San Cisco’s Awkward.
Lowlight: The line for Pimm’s jugs.
Crowd Favourite: Feeding Line.