We tested our Twin Peaks knowledge at The Carlton's trivia night

Ever wondered why Melbourne of all places hasn’t hosted a regular Twin Peaks trivia night yet? Anticipation around the long awaited third season premiere is at fever pitch and so The Carlton have taken it amongst themselves to give the people what they want.  
With the Twin Peaks universe spanning two previous seasons, a film and numerous books, it was a smart move for The Carlton to focus on a specific episode each week. While taking some of the pressure off attendees, it also makes for some seriously clever and left of centre questions likely to have you scratching your head.
Entering via a curtained off room, one’s mind instantly goes to a private room at the Twin Peaks’ infamous One Eyed Jack’s – think plush couches, deep red wallpaper and dim lighting. Trivia is accompanied by unlimited refills of coffee, donuts and the themed meal of the week, the aptly titled ‘Laura Parma’ with options to please all dietary requirements.
Our host is the daring and dazzling Tanzer, who trades her trademark catsuit for an Agent Dale Cooper costume that makes her almost unrecognisable. Much like the character of Cooper, Tanzer delivers the trivia questions in an impressively theatrical style, throwing in plenty of wit and charm.
We’re told last week’s winning team won by half a point which increases the competitiveness in the room. All teams have their eyes on the prize – a $150 bar tab at The Carlton along with some coveted Twin Peaks merch. On offer this week is Laura Palmer’s friendship necklace, a fitting reward given that the episode we’re quizzed on features the necklace in a particularly important scene.
When the time comes to reveal the winners we learn that not one, but three teams have named themselves after the show’s most elusive character The Log Lady. A baffled Tanzer and audience try to piece together who falls into what place, proving that mystery seems to engulf everything related to Twin Peaks.
Running until early May, there’s plenty more opportunities to test your knowledge and consume an appetizing and cleverly themed meal. Many may end up returning just to see what amazing costume Tanzer will come up with next – we’re told Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic may make a return by popular demand.
By Holly Pereira