We chat with adored psych-rockers Husky before their performance at 'Hypnotised'

They'll take the stage with Leah Senior and Sunbeam Sound Machine for the Melbourne Music Week event.

Tell us a bit more about Hypnotised. What’s in store for the event?
I’m really stoked to be playing with Leah [Senior] and Sunbeam [Sound Machine], I really like what they do but haven’t seen them live yet. I think they touch on the ‘psychedelic’ theme of the night in really different ways, but both in ways that I really like. I think it’s going to be a real feast for the senses for the audience and for us guys playing.
John Fish are going to be creating the visuals for the event. What can we expect from this?
All I know is John Fish are the best in the business and what I’ve seen of their work is really stunning. I think what they create on the night is going to be pretty mind-blowing.

For those who aren’t aware, how would you describe your sound and how did you come to it?
I don’t really know how to describe our sound but there is a strong psychedelic element to it which probably initially comes from the '60s and '70s psych-folk and rock artists we listened to growing up, like Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd. We loved the sounds and textures and lyrics of the psychedelic genre. It’s evocative, adventurous, imaginative. All good things. 
Earlier this year you released Punchbuzz track ‘Walking in Your Sleep’ as a single. What has the response been to the single as well as last year’s album? 

Punchbuzz was a departure from our previous two records. It wasn’t intentional, it just came out that way. Our lives were different at that time. We’d just come home from a long year of adventures whilst living in Berlin and we were working closely with our producer Matt Redlich which was very new for us.

Until then, we’d produced, and for the most part, recorded our own albums and we wondered how our changing sound would be received by our fans. Both the song 'Walking In Your Sleep' and the record did really well. They’re great songs to play live and we felt that our audience was really connecting with them, especially at our shows. 

You guys have been playing a few shows lately, especially with the tour earlier in the year. How has it been out on the road and how has your music evolved over the last year or so?

We’ve got a great touring band at the moment with Jules Pascoe playing a hybrid instrument that has two bass strings and three guitar strings and Holly Thomas on drums and vocals. We’ve been able to get more experimental with creating sounds. The songs are bigger and fuller and the show is more dynamic now. We still play folk-inspired music, and sing ballads but we also rock out more.

Is there any new music on the horizon that Husky fans should be keeping an eye out for?

Yes. We’re working on a new record at the moment and have a bunch of songs baking in the oven. We’ve changed our process this time around and have been jamming a lot and writing together in Jules’ home studio in Flemington, Melbourne. It’s hard to know how it will come out at this stage, but I think it will be very different again. We’re excited to create and release more music soon.

Husky play Hypnotised at Max Watt's for Melbourne Music Week on Friday November 23. Ticks via the MMW website.