Waxx Lyrical are taking the Australian vinyl revolution by storm

“That’s the charming thing about Australia – it’s got such a unique taste of music…we just want to be a part of…that revolution of bringing good music to people.”

Waxx Lyrical is the brainchild of avid vinyl lover Samuel Flinn, starting in Adelaide a year ago and branching out across Australia in the time since. It’s a vinyl club where members get sent a Record of the Month, and also gain access to exclusive and limited edition vinyl. Sounds pretty sweet for vinyl collectors, right?

Flinn says the idea came to be when he noticed that there weren’t any record clubs in Australia, and after doing some research he found that there was definitely a market for it. The record clubs that he was a part of overseas sometimes left him feeling short-changed after providing him with a vinyl he liked one month, then a few he didn’t like for the next few months.

From here he decided he wanted to create a vinyl club packed with diverse music, vinyl with good artwork and the option for members to swap the record if they aren’t a fan of the monthly selection. Once the idea was born, Flinn couldn’t get it out of his head. “I couldn’t find anything in Australia, I couldn’t really find anything on this side of the world,” he says. “Japan is massive for vinyl and I couldn’t find anything over there either. So I thought it would be really good to target this side of the world – primarily Australia and eventually expanding into Asia as well.”

Having grown up with vinyl around his family home, Flinn says that there’s something special about vinyl that you just can’t get with digital music. Not only does it have that vintage sound that we all love, but if you look beyond that, it has more depth and character to it. It’s something tangible that you can hold in your hands, which is becoming rarer as time goes on.

“People collect vinyl for loads of reasons,” Flinn says. “But one of the big reasons is that they’ll collect it purely for the artwork and apart from just looking cool, I think you can get more character from vinyl. If you download digital music, or listen to a CD, it’s kind of flawless and the charm of vinyl is that there’s going to be little cracks in it, but that’s what makes it unique. You’re probably never going to get two that are the same. They’ve stood the test of time and they’re starting to come out on top.”

Flinn says that Waxx Lyrical wants to focus on one goal at a time – first and foremost putting out as many exclusive pressings as possible to club members. The club has been able to do that so far with every monthly record sent out being either special edition, limited edition or coloured – and even one that was signed by a band.

Now they can push this further, as Waxx Lyrical has just got an agreement with a record label and their artists to be doing a lot of exclusive pressings together. “That’s where we want it to be. When I started the business that was the goal,” Flinn says. “It was to have exclusive pressings of records. I’ve got so many limited edition records that have only 250 or 300 of them around and I love that sort of thing and I know there are a lot of people similar to me that do as well.”

Flinn wants people to know that Waxx Lyrical are here to cater to all vinyl lovers’ needs and want to be a part of the Australian music scene. “Vinyl is such a huge thing in Australia and Australian music is such a huge thing, there’s the face of Australian music you don’t get anywhere else. There’s bands that are huge over here that would never make it anywhere else but that’s the charming thing about Australia – it’s got such a unique taste of music. I love it and we just want to be a part of it, part of that revolution of bringing good music to people.”

Find out more about Waxx Lyrical and how to join on their website waxxlyrical.com. June’s record of the month is The Preatures’ Girlhood.