Wax’o Paradiso give us the inside scoop ahead of their Shimmerlands takeover

In order to stick out from the house music pack, selectors must exhibit an elite refinement. Edd Fisher, Simon TK and Andy Hart, who together form Wax’o Paradiso, belong to the aforementioned rare air. Ahead of their third(ish) birthday this Sunday at Shimmerlands, Simon TK caught up with Beat to give us the inside scoop.

Why did you decide to DJ under one name, as opposed to three separate DJs who gig together a lot? We all DJ under our own names a lot, but when we play under the Wax’o Paradiso guise it’s normally for extended periods of time – five to eight hours normally, and always back to back and cheek to cheek.
What was it about Edd and Andy that made you want to team up with them? It happened organically. From the first time we DJed together it became clear that we filled the gaps in each other’s taste. Edd’s knowledge of afrobeat, latin and obscure music runs deep, Andy knows the house music canon like the back of his hand and has a knack for finding anthems, and I fill the spaces in between with cosmic and italo sounds. And we all play disco, lots of disco.
Which Wax’o party has stood out most over the past three years? The Rainbow Fish party, which was the last party in the courtyard at the Abbotsford Convent, was a highlight. Closing Dark Mofo Festival and Rhythm Section (bigups BZP) were also great.
What is the ‘Rather Peckish Caterpillar’? Is that somehow an allegory to the way you have grown as a collective? We’ve never thought of that, but it bloody well could be. We’ve always tried to merge a very childish nostalgia with a very adult irony. And kitsch, everything must be kitsch.
With the dress code in mind, does this party represent the cocoon from which you’ll emerge as butterflies? Precisely, come Sunday evening we will have realised our fully-emerged fabulous butterfly selves.
Without ruining the surprise of what you’ll, tell us about the dresscode: metamorphosis? It’s open to interpretation. Some people will dress as caterpillars, some butterflies, hopefully some as cocoons. There’s even talk of some people taking a more Kafkaesque interpretation and actually turning into gigantic insects for the occasion.
Why did you choose the supports? Pjenne and Millu are not only superb selectors but some of our best friends, and have long been a part of the Wax’o Paradiso family.
Have you seen the site? What made you want to have your party there? We always try to utilise outdoor iconic spaces. In the past we’ve thrown parties at the Abbotsford Convent, the Merri Creek Labyrinth, heritage-listed Carriageworks in Sydney, and even on a boat smack bang under the Sydney Harbour bridge.
Anything else you want to add? There will be some recordings going up towards the end of summer of our favourite moments. Wriggle on over to our soundcloud to stay in the loop.
By Dan Watt

Wax'o Paradiso will take over Shimmerlands at University of Melbourne on Sunday February 19 with Pjenne and Millu.