WAAX : Wild & Weak


Anyone who has seen WAAX live can attest to the fact that Marie DeVita’s bug-eyed, high energy performances are a big part of WAAX’s live appeal. That commitment to the emotion at the core of this music comes across more than ever on the Wild & Weak EP.
Throughout these five songs the band explore both their wildness and their more melodic impulses, allowing themselves to show some weakness behind the snarls. This in particular, has always been part of both the songwriting and DeVita’s appeal. While the music is tough and full of fire there is a vulnerability to the performances, which lends the songs real emotional punch.
While every song sounds as if it were constructed with radio in mind, the highly melodic You Wouldn’t Believe stands out. It sees DeVita explore her most intimate vocal mode, as well as allowing some space to scream.
This EP finds the band focused, distilling the different parts of their sound – the wild and the weak – into an accessible but still heavy version of themselves that embraces pop, without sacrificing any of their visceral and impassioned energy.