Void Of Vision : Disturbia

It’s no surprise that Void of Vision’s Disturbia was released to very high expectations, both from dedicated fans and assorted head-bangers all over the country. 

Less surprising is that it meets these expectations with flying colours and manages to do so with just four songs.
‘Ghost in the Machine’ is the standout – a well-paced, guitar-heavy and vocally fantastic bit of music. What sets it apart is that it feels bigger than the rest. The drums shine through with the guitars instead of letting the latter dominate, the dual vocals mesh better and are more varied in sound, and every element presented, from the bookended samples to the slick mix, create something amazing.
 ‘Ghost in the Machine’ is flanked by a trio of tracks, ‘Grey Area’, ‘Spite’, and ‘You Will Bring Me Down’. Again, these are guitar-prominent, thick-sounding tracks with higher-pitched screamed and clean vocals. A lot of heavy bands fly through songs at breakneck pace, sometimes rushing instruments or lyricism that could’ve made a good song great. This is a shortcoming that Void of Vision have stepped around with grace; they’ve taken their time, stretched their high-intensity bangers to a perfect length and overall, they’ve made a simple EP into a memorable release.