Voice For Change: Why following her passion is the path for Ecca Vandal

So far, we've caught up with the likes of DiafrixSampa The GreatMajak Daw, B Wise and more to give you the lowdown on Voice For Change - a brand new community-focused project that champions creativity as a force to combat some of the issues affecting local youth today, inspiring the next generation to follow their dreams and ambitions. Now, we're getting to know each story individually. This week, we sit down with Ecca Vandal to see how music has shaped her journey. 

Why do you think a program such as Voice for Change that aims to inspire youth and create positivity is important?


It is important because it raises awareness and builds an empathetic community - we need to get around local issues more so we can be a part of the solution, instead of ignoring them and putting them in the ‘too hard basket’. This is such a special initiative. 


Are there particular aspects of Voice for Change that resonate with you and the ability to tell your story alongside other influential and diverse talent?


I’ve been particularly encouraged and inspired by the drive of some of the school-aged students I’ve met through this program. It’s been nice to share my story, but to be honest, I’ve been more inspired by them! They have real goals and dreams, just like all of us do, and are driven to reach them. They have a passionate energy that is extremely contagious - I think it’s so important that we nurture and support them so they believe that they can kick big goals too, just like some of my heroes featured in this series like Sampa, Tim and Majak.


Also when you’re growing up, it’s such a crazy time in life, I think the more people you have around to help you figure shit out, that you can trust and learn from, the better. We need to keep cultivating the culture of mentorship, because mentors rule. I still have mentors in my life, they will always be super valuable to me and my growth as not only an artist but as a human.


How has music shaped who you are - not just as a performer - but as a person?


Music is and always has been my way to connect with others. It has been my outlet that brings me into engagement with others. If I didn’t have music I think I would feel very alone.


How did you have the confidence to follow your creative pursuits and make a career from them?


It’s really important for me to try to be happy in life, and to do things that bring me joy. When I am creating things I feel the most like myself. It’s a privilege to have the opportunity to follow my passion and do what I love doing on a daily basis so I felt really compelled to follow this path.


I really couldn’t see myself sitting in an office as a career and feeling half full either. I had to resist the urge to take the safer career option and step out and take a risk! I also had rad people around me who believed in me and encouraged me every step of the way.


What advice would you give the next generation who want to follow their passions in creative fields?


I would say you’ve got to go after what you’re passionate about in life. Life is too short to not surround yourself with the things you love the most.


Learn more about how Ecca Vandal uses her Voice For Change by watching the video below: 


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