Voice for Change: How music has changed Diafrix's life

Last week, we sat down with Majak Daw to find out how he's used his voice for change. Now, we take some time with Melbourne-based and African-born Khaled “Azmarino” Abdulwahad - better known as Diafrix. 

Why do you think a program such as, Voice for Change; that aims to inspire youth and create positivity is form is important?

Voice for Change is a platform provided by the Mushroom Group, to promote some of the positive stories that are happening within the community to a mainstream audience. It also demonstrates to young people from a cultural background that if you work hard, anything is achievable.


Are there particular aspects of Voice for Change that resonate with you and the ability to tell your story alongside other influential and diverse talent?


From watching the Voice for Change episodes that have been released so far; the understanding is that all the talents share and understand the struggle that the youths are going through at the moment. Hopefully, this will demonstrate as a community acceptance and understanding of the core issues that will take us way further than blaming, targeting and isolating minority groups which only makes the situation worse.




How has music shaped who you are - not just as a performer - but as a person?

Through music, I had the opportunity to travel all around Australia and meet different people, with different views. This has allowed me to grow as a person and understand that we are not all the same through conversing with all different types of folks, I came to an understand that we all have our own interpretations of this world.


How did you have the confidence to follow your creative pursuits and make a career from them?

At the beginning of my career, I was very lucky to have a network of supportive people and also to be part of an accepting hip hop culture. The hip hop community is very encouraging and this allows artists grow to reach our full potential. I reckon as a community we can learn a lot from the Aussie hip hop scene.



What advice would you give the next generation, who want to follow their passions in creative fields?

Don’t focus on building your creative arts career to chase money and fame. Instead, by focusing on your craft and investing lots of hours into your passion; everything will eventually fall into place. Time and dedication is the key to success.

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