Voice For Change documentary series highlights how musicians and sporting stars set out to change society

With great power comes great responsibility.

To change a community, large or small, you start from the ground up. As momentum starts to grow, it is up to the leading voices to decide which avenues to take to spread a message. Music is just one of those avenues.

Voice For Change, an inspiring documentary series supported by the Victorian Government, shines a spotlight on the artists and athletes who are using their prominent voice for good. Now in its second season, Voice for Change brings forth a new ensemble of artists making change within their communities.

In addition to the moving docos, Voice For Change will be working with Australia’s hottest upcoming hip hop artists, including Melbourne-based rappers Krown and P-UniQue to host a number of songwriting, music and industry workshop programs.

Creating real-life opportunities for youth, Voice For Change will present recording and live performance opportunities in 2019, with mentors such as MoMO and UNO Stereo at the helm.

Hip Hop recording artist B Wise is the first artist highlighted in Voice For Change’s second season. As his recognition grows beyond what he labels “being area famous”, referring to the clout he has built up within his local community, B Wise has taken a different direction to his rapping.

“I feel there’s a bit more of me now saying what I want to say in my music, not me saying what I can say,” he says in the documentary’s first episode.

Growing up as a man in a multicultural household, B Wise found the burden of responsibility difficult to traverse, especially when there was no way to offload it. He wants to use the attention he’s worked hard to grow in order to share a more positive message within his community.

“We need to understand we don’t have to be this strong silent type. We can express ourselves and whatnot and that’s what I try to do in my music,” he says.

A growing base of fans means easier access to influence — B Wise knows this. As his reach grows beyond the local community he knows and loves, B Wise has taken on his responsibility to spread a healing message.

“Stand together with your community and uplift, and spread that message if positive energy and positive vibes,” he says.

“I feel like I’ve been given a voice so I feel like it would be wrong of me to not try and use it.”

Voice for Change will also be featuring Ngaiire, Mirrah, FlexMami, Adrian Eagle, MoMO, and Ecca Vandal plus sports personalties Majak Daw and Darcy Vescio in upcoming episodes, so stay tuned for how they are setting out to make real change in their communities.

The Voice for Change series will be rolling out new episodes over the coming months. For more info, visit voiceforchange.net.au.