Video Premiere: Sometime Sonny's 'Don't Say Much' is a modern-day unrequited love story

Filled with unpleasant experiences everyone can empathise with.

Brissy up-and-comer Sometime Sonny has unveiled the music clip for 'Don't Say Much', which depicts a relatable tale of love in the time of awkward silences.

A hit track from his debut album Thanks A Million, 'Don't Say Much' highlights those uncomfortable social situations with strangers we've all been subjected to at one point in our lives. Like many of the other songs on the record, 'Don't Say Much' was recorded shortly after it was written — which in this case was within 20 minutes.

The music video paints a contemporary boy-falls-for-girl story where an 'Ubah' driver is lost for words after his beguiling passenger steps in. What follows is an awkward, quiet car ride. Desperate to escape the silence, the driver daydreams of what the relationship could blossom into; love, marriage, a family. Yet, all of these hopes are crushed when he realises she has a partner. We've all been there.

The bright, muted colours and indie rock vibes are a reminder summer is on the horizon, the perfect season if you're looking for a fling. Perhaps not so great if you're trying to avoid social outings.

Check out the music clip for 'Don't Say Much' below: