Video Premiere: Reside's 'In This Moment' is a crushing representation of loneliness

The single is one of the band's most honest tracks.

Melbourne-based emo rockers Reside have released the music video for their latest single, 'In This Moment'.

It's the first we've heard from Reside since releasing their debut EP, Closing Doors, last year. 'In This Moment' is a driving emo track, featuring a pounding rock beat and raw vocals. Frontman Liam Guinane said the single was an opportunity to cleanse himself of a rough patch in his life, as the past 12 months have been filled with anxiety.

"'In This Moment' is a song that came together very quickly. It had this honesty and weight that I hadn't felt in the same way with other songs we'd written," Guinane said.

"It's about times when you have to force yourself to adjust to change or adapt and it feels like a rabbit hole."

The accompanying video is simple yet emotive. A single camera angle shows Guinane in a bathtub, slowly being enveloped by water and covered in petals. Guinane is distressed, unable to resist the gravity of the rising levels. By unveiling the clip, Reside have offered a bleak insight into how it feels when the world has left you behind, and it's up to you to find your feet.

Check out the music clip for Reside's 'In This Moment' below: