Video Premiere: The Paper Kites unveil the stunning 'Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain'

Midnight-ready synth pop. 

The Paper Kites have unveiled a gorgeous new video for 'Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain'. The track is taken from their forthcoming album, On The Corner Where You Live, due out this Friday September 21. 

'Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain' is a slow-burning gem, oozing with world-weary synths and midnight-ready vocals straight from an '80s-inspired handbook of The Cars and Tears for Fears. What's more, the clip was edited by the band's own Sam Bentley. 

“I was really happy to be able to edit this clip myself,” says Bently.  “I always have a clear idea of what a song should look like once it's been written, and it was great to have a hand in bringing that vision to life.

"It looked like how the songs felt to me. It’s all handheld, pretty raw and rough, and there’s nothing fancy about it at all - just normal people - but there’s something about it that feels romantic."  

On The Corner Where You Live is co-produced with Grammy-winner Peter Katis (Interpol, The National) at his studio in Connecticut – a 120-year old Victorian-era home that the band lived and recorded in for five weeks. It comes in the wake of The Paper Kites' surprise album drop for 2018, On The Train Ride Home, and their critically acclaimed 2015 album, twelvefour

“We’re really proud of the record and we’re really happy to finally be releasing it for people to hear,” says Bently. “A lot of the album was written very late at night, and meant to be listened to alone, like a secret.  We hope it feels as special to the listener as it does to us.”

Watch the video for 'Give Me Your Fire, Give Me Your Rain' below: 

On The Corner Where You Live is due out this Friday September 21 via Sony / Wonderlick Entertainment.