Video Premiere: Mako Road's 'Open Plan Living' is a charming, cruisy summer anthem

The music clip release follows a tour announcement from the New Zealand indie gang.

New Zealand four-piece Mako Road have given us a sneak peek of their latest music video, ‘Open Plan Living’. In the video, Mako Road find themselves wandering through different environments and making themselves at home in each one. Directed by Tom Irwin, this video is an example of the fun Mako Road experienced while putting the Local Safari EP together.

“The Local Safari EP was written with more focus on where we want to go with our live sound,” shares lead vocalist Rhian Ward.

“‘Open Plan Living’ [is] a step in a different direction, we wanted to show off what we can do musically.”

This month also sees the release of Mako Road’s Local Safari EP on Friday November 30. The perfect soundtrack for long nights and hazy days, this EP is all you need for the hot summer ahead. Mako Road's dreamy soundscapes, cruisy riffs, rich vocals and beautiful harmonies give similar vibes to that of San Cisco or Ocean Alley.

Title track ‘Local Safari’ was chosen as the EP’s lead single “as it best sums up our attitude towards life” says Mako Road.

“We get heaps out of travelling. It’s been a huge part of this year for us, and we’ve all cleared our summer schedules so we can do more of it.”

Following the release of Local Safari, the band is pleased to say they’ll be returning to Australia in December and bringing this new record to life for the first time as they tour Australia and New Zealand.

Mako Road play at Penny Black on Friday December 7, details at MakoRoad.co.nz