Video Premiere: Ironstone's 'Machine' puts the new generation of metal in the spotlight

An incredible feat by the Melbourne teens.

Ahead of their gig at Whole Lotta Love this weekend, Melbourne metal rockers Ironstone have unveiled the music video for their latest single 'Machine'. 

Bathed in electric blues, the music video features the heavy guitar riffs and headbanging drum lines usually found in metal songs, but with an added technological twist. Ironstone lead vocalist Victoria K stands front and centre, soaring over the top while Eddie Warren's guitar solo flaunts his quick-fingered dexterity.

The fact that the members of Ironstone are teenagers really puts the rest of us to shame. Did you get around to making a music clip for your metal track before you were a legal adult? Didn't think so. It seems the kids are alright and metal is alive and thriving.

Check out the music clip for 'Machine' below:

Ironstone are celebrating the release of their new music video at Whole Lotta Love on Friday January 25. For more information, head to the Facebook event.