Veronica Fusaro on sharing her Swiss soul-pop music with the world

The 21-year-old songstress has been making huge waves in 2018.

Swiss soul pop artist, Veronica Fusaro, hits Australian shores this November to play her first ever shows Down Under. She touched down in Australia just over a week ago and has played at Australian Music Week and a Sofar Sounds show in Sydney, where she played on a rooftop in front of the city skyline.

Veronica wants to be able to share her music to an entire new audience. “By playing my songs, and now being able to share them with the whole world is incredible for me. It’s a part of me that I get to share with you and I guess that’s what makes it special is being able to share the music with strangers basically,” she says.

Fusaro's manager made a trip to Australia earlier in the year paving the way for the songstress' slot at Australian Music Week. Music has opened many doors for Fusaro and international travel is one of those.

“I have to say, I’m not really the traveller, I never used to travel this much but now because of music, I do get to see so many places in the world,” she comments. “I’ve played in the US and Singapore and South Korea and plenty of places that I would have probably never visited, but that’s the great part about it, music has taken me so many places and that’s so much fun and it’s very cool.”

Her Sydney and Melbourne shows come as part of Sofar Sounds, a YouTube series that hosts private gigs all around the world. Performing these shows back home, Fusaro thought it would be a great way to extend her music to a new audience on the road. Patrons have to apply to attend the gig and the gigs are always held in a secret location like a basement, art gallery, rooftop, and it’s only revealed to patrons 24 hours before a show.

“It’s very intimate because not too many people get invited and people are there to discover new music so they’re really into it and listening. I really enjoy the atmosphere that is being created.”

Fusaro has played over 120 shows this year, in a number of different countries. Performing both full band and solo shows, her setlist never alters drastically, yet, the atmosphere is everchanging - every crowd is different, every response is different. Keeping a tight and consistent setlist allows Fusaro to share the same experience playing in Australia as she can in Switzerland.

“That’s the really magical part about it, I could play in Switzerland in a tiny bar somewhere with not too much light and then do the same thing over in Australia and have people listening and being attentive and really enjoying the music,” Fusaro says. “It just shows that music is this thing that has no borders or anything, it doesn’t really change, except for the culture and the people and how people react to it.”

At only age 21, Fusaro is still at the beginning of her career, but has been able to achieve amazing things by being able to travel around the world and share her music. However there’s still so much more that she wants to do. She wants to put out more music and get better at making music and writing songs. She also wants to travel with a band as well, being able to share her music and vision with the world and maybe even make a change in people’s lives. For now though, after this Australian tour, she heads to New Zealand and then to Bangkok and Hong Kong for more shows before heading home to Switzerland.

“I’m looking forward to all these places because there’s always going to be stuff to discover and places to see and the shows to play,” she says. “For Christmas break I’m definitely just going to enjoy some home time and go into my studio and write music. I’m really looking forward to that, to be able to be by myself in my basement in my little home studio and create music.” 

Veronica Fusaro will be playing at Sofar Sounds in Melbourne on Sunday November 18.