Vera Blue : Perennial


Vera Blue’s debut album Perennial has distinctive parts. Each is stylistically and thematically different. Opener First Week marks the album’s first chapter. It displays a stylistic sparseness with lyrics of precious honesty symbolising the initial hurt one feels after a breakup. Yet, there’s still an honest resilience throughout the lyrics. Its self-awareness of being a breakup song is matched with the repeating lyric “I’ll be home but I don’t know when,” – an acknowledgement that happiness and self-love will return.
Lady Powers is distinctively different from the earlier tracks. It’s vivacious electronic beats and repeated battle cry make it a remarkable dance hit of female empowerment, strength and agency. It’s a reminder that in moments of self doubt we need to remember our inner-strength and uniqueness.
While there is a stylistic distinctiveness between individual tracks, the album is cohesive overall. Perennial is an ambitious debut. It follows a narrative of the initial rawness of a relationship which is then transformed into a celebration of renewal and vivacity.