Vera Blue had The Forum bewitched by her 'Lady Powers'

Vera Blue has had a pretty big year, headlining festivals like Groovin The Moo and Darwin’s Bass in the Grass before taking her ‘Lady Powers’ tour around the country. 

You’d think the 24-year-old might be a bit burnt out by now, but she delivered her final show at The Forum with true passion, and took the crowd on an emotional rollercoaster.

Alice Ivy provided the perfect warm up set. She paused to thank Vera Blue for bringing her along on tour, before breaking into her final track ‘Get Me A Drink’, which was met with whoops and cheers from the crowd. Ivy’s energy was infectious and her enjoyment palpable, a solo-powerhouse to be reckoned with as she jumped from synth, to drums, to electric guitar – juggling all instruments expertly.

Vera Blue knows how to make an entrance. Her band members appeared on the upper platform first, wearing uniform silver bombers with a bioluminescent sheen. White lights flashed like strobes as the music started to swell, and Blue graced the stage with opener ‘Magazine’. Dressed in a light blue gown with a sheer skirt that kicked up around her as she twirled about, Blue was full of energy.

She made her way through the tracklist from last year’s Perennial, even throwing in ‘Patterns’ from her EP midway through the show, where she grabbed an acoustic guitar and reminded fans of her folk roots, her angelic voice mesmerising the crowd. There are many moments like this throughout the performance, where the room was left in silent awe of the singer’s incredible vocal range. Songs like ‘Overachiever’, ‘We Used To’ and ‘Said Goodbye To Your Mother’ were particularly bone-chilling, as well as ‘Pedestal/Cover Me’, where she plays the acoustic guitar solo and carried the room with her voice.

The entire performance was delivered with an emotional intensity, and it resonated with the crowd in ways only songs about heartbreak and renewed strength can. Blue is a gracious and humble performer, stopping numerous times to interact with the audience and thank everyone that’s helped her musical journey, from her band, to her managers and her friends.

Her presence onstage was unwaveringly strong, as she went from heavy tracks such as ‘First Week’ to anthems of empowerment like ‘Regular Touch’, which got the crowd dancing blissfully. After the song ended she vanished offstage while the audience erupted in cheers and stamping feet for what everyone knew would be the final song of the night. The namesake of the tour, ‘Lady Powers’ began and Blue reappeared, joined by Alice Ivy, Woodes, Janeva and Kira Puru, who rapped the verse of the remixed version. The energy was electric as the women on stage threw roses into the audience, smiling and dancing, sending everyone home on a Lady Powers high.

Highlight: The end of ‘Pedestal/Cover Me’, where Blue sang alone and fully exercised her vocal range – chills. 

Lowlight: None.

Crowd Favourite: ‘Hold’ and ‘Lady Powers’.