U.S Girls : In A Poem Unlimited

For six records, Meghan Remy has been secretly planting the seeds of her individual musical impressionism with a significant resilience factor. 

On a similar plane as Angel Corpus Christi, she distils the sensibility of sound into an enticing blend of pop. A balanced collection of songs delivered with dexterity and an eclectic feel -- she can polarise an audience by her strength of delivery.
M.A.H (Mad As Hell)’, for example, is a political swipe which trumps popular opinion by having a crack at Obama rather than the human hairpiece who escapes some needling perceptiveness. The whole record is very palatable and could be as huge as Pink but for the scathing approach and unforgiving lyrics.
Songs like ‘Pearly Gates’ and ‘Velvet 4Sale’are ecstatic revelations. Then the laugh-a-thon continues with ‘Traviata’ and ‘Why Do I Lose My Voice When I Have Something To Say’which are over quicker than you can say the title. Remy is a chanteuse with rather conceptual packaging, and songs of deceptively strong depth and scope verging on primal glitter beats.
Ultimately, the familiarity of material is offset by the uniqueness of the approach which lifts the songs to another level.