Unwritten Law are taking 'The Black Album' on a 20th-anniversary tour

Punk legends are returning to Australia for a full performance of their most celebrated album.

Unwritten Law consider Australia as their second home and that is why they are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their breakout album with a tour performing all its songs from start to finish.

Hit tracks including ‘Holiday’,’ California Sky’, and of course, ‘Teenage Suicide’ will blast fans into moshing ecstasy.  The combination of raw guitars and melodic punk songwriting that made The Black Album a classic will be on full display in shows that leave fans sweating and shouting for more.

Unwritten Law first erupted from Poway in California, establishing the foundations of the power pop-punk era that burst from the USA in the early '90s. Through frequent and tenacious touring they have carved out an illustrious musical legacy, full of memorable anthems and live highlights with multiple infamous rounds on the Warped Tour.

Unwritten Law thrash their way to the Croxton Park Hotel, Melbourne on Friday February 9 and you can catch tickets at davidroywilliams.com