Underground Lovers : Staring At You, Staring At Me


There’s definite immediacy to the overdriven electric guitar of St Kilda Regret that draws you into Staring At You, Staring At Me. It’s gifted by the smooth vocals of Phillipa Nihill, who has no hesitation in saying that she’s ‘feelin’ down.’ Pulsating bass and drum rhythms lock into a groove that refuses to be ignored. You Let The Sunshine Pass You By is an easygoing indie rock piece, that conjures up images of cocktails on the sands of the St Kilda esplanade with the sun cascading on your back.
The album kicks up a gear in The Conde Nast Trap with distorted guitars and the iconic shoe gaze fuzz sound that we know and love from the past seven albums. It’s a track about corporate greed, with an anthemic feeling that would be right at home as a crowd sing along at their upcoming shows.
This album works as a collective set of tracks, which provides social commentary on the world in 2017. The album hits a high point with track Glamnesia, an eight minute, pulsating shoegaze slice of genius. Catchy hooks, intriguing guitar and driving rhythms make this an album to return to again and again. Engaging from the word go, Underground Lovers have delivered with album number eight.
By Tex Miller