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Two Gallants : My Love Won't Wait

This is less of a single review and more of a campaign launch. Two Gallants, from San Francisco, have never toured Australia and likely won’t unless we all get behind their soon-to-be-released fourth album, The Bloom And The Blight. And we want them to tour. Oh boy, does we. Those of you who love The Drones and Grinderman will pee your Levis for this band, if only you have a chance to see them live. Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel have played together since they were 12 and the ferocity of their grimy punk blues is only topped by their psychically entwined sense of timing, and it shakes the roots at a live show. They will blow you away when they play live. The problem is, it seems impossible to capture their live show on record. Even their critically acclaimed 2006 record, What The Toll Tells, falls short of properly representing this band, meandering into flat and bitter folk rock. The Bloom And The Blight is supposed to address the issue, focus on the explosive punk of their performance. Maybe it will. I can’t tell you if My Love Won’t Wait is amazing – I’m too deep in the wood of devoted bias so it’s hard to judge – but it is a bigger, angrier, heavier sound than previous singles and that’s a good start.