Triple J's Hottest 100 scheduled for January 27 next year

Continuing the trend of not running it on Australia Day.

For the second year in a row, Triple J will not be running the Hottest 100 on January 26, instead opting for the day after.

The Hottest 100 will land on Sunday January 27 in 2019, keeping true to the promise of running it on the fourth weekend of January. Those who are looking to party hard will luckily have Monday's public holiday to recover from any potential consequences.

Triple J's decision to change the date from January 26 last year came after the station conducted a poll asking whether fans were in favour of moving the Hottest 100 off the 26th. Results came back with 60% of respondents in favour. 

The iconic Aussie broadcast wasn't always on January 26. Triple J first kicked off the Hottest 100 on Sunday March 5, 1989, and it was only in 1998 that the date aligned with Australia Day. 

Voting for the 2019 Hottest 100 will start next week.