Tracy McNeil and The Good Life

Congrats on your win at The Age Music Victoria Awards. You won the award for Best Country Album – how does it feel? After two nominations in 2014 for our album Nobody Ever Leaves it feels great to get the gong for Thieves. It was such a personal album for me, as my dad passed away while writing it – this win feels like it’s his win as much as it’s ours.
You are originally from Canada. What made you fall in love with Australia? The grit and honesty that comes out of Melbourne’s alt-country scene is as unique as it’s inspiring. I’m continually amazed by the quantity of world-class songwriting that comes out of this country.
Who are your biggest musical influences? Parents, friends, family, the day to day grind, dreams, failures in love and life and very rarely when something good comes around.
If you weren’t playing music, what would you be doing? I’d love to own and manage a recording and rehearsal retreat for musos. A big farmhouse on a private piece of secluded land where some real magic can be created.
What is your favourite part about playing to a live audience? I could give some hip bullshit answer but truly it’s the energy. The electricity that runs back and forth between the audience and the band, I feel most alive in that moment.

Tracy McNeil and The Good Life will perform at Live At Station Place, Werribee on Saturday December 17.