Tourist : Everyday

The rising producer returns with an admirable follow-up to the lauded U.

Listening to Tourist at the best of times can evoke varying degrees of calming feelings, backed by masterful melodies and great production. Now, with the release of his sophomore effort Everyday, Tourist is proving once more that he is one of the finest producers in the game at the moment. 

A great accompaniment to the defining album U, Everyday is a journey through well orchestrated sonic design. ‘Love Theme’, ‘Awake’ and ‘Affection’ are album must-listens, if you must pick, injected with ambience and a delicate marriage of keys, acoustic guitar and gentle chords. Where U chronicled raw heartbreak, Everyday indicates Tourist is creating music in a better, healed place. The look of – and for – love is still present, of course, but the resulting music is not stemming from a place of hurt.

Melodically rich, rhythmically strong and with warmth buoying the album, Everyday soothes and enlivens. An album from an artist embracing a new personal and creative chapter, Everyday provides a great snapshot of Tourist in an excellent period of time.