The Tote to host fundraiser gig for refugees, survivors and ex-detainees

Great music for an even greater cause. 

Helmed by the team at RISE, this fundraiser features a cracking lineup to raise awareness towards the plight of refugees. 

"Seeking asylum is not a crime," said the group. "Being a refugee is not a crime. But the continued contravention of international law should attract the sanction of the international human rights community. 

"Australia should be excluded from participation in all international humanitarian and human rights decision making processes until mandatory detention and refoulement of Asylum seekers and Refugees is abolished in Australia."

As for the acts, expect sets from psych folk artist Amaya Laucirica, Waterfall Person ahead of her Golden Plains appearance, Pleather Purrs (featuring members of The Pink Tiles and Swim Team), Trixie Darko, A+, And DJ Yumgod. 

All proceeds will go to RISE's #SantionAustralia campaign. 

It's going down at The Tote on Friday December 29. Get your tickets