Total Giovanni are a voluptuous hot mess on their stellar debut album 'Euphoria'

Euphoric is quite literally most appropriate sensation elicited when listening to Total Giovanni’s aptly titled debut album.

Opening song ‘Everything’ is uber schlocky and certainly not the album’s strongest song with its in-your-face sleaze overwhelming.

However, second track ‘Your Light’ captures the aforementioned ‘Euphoria’ that harks back to the pure heart of disco soul’s origins in the late 1960s. To put it in context, this song would mix seamlessly into Isaac Hayes’ ‘Walk On By’ from his seminal disco album Hot Buttered (1969).

Even more dancefloor-orientated is ‘Akila’, with the song opening to a pounding beat and a deep voice entoning “jungle”, followed by expanding softened vocals. “I take him down as we get high / as we get high / as we get high,” before continuing, “I love eclairs as they love you / deja vu / deja.” It is pure nonsense, but juxtaposed with such an imposing rhythm it is absolutely enthralling.

This decade, Melbourne has proven a hot bed for a steezy disco synth revival as Sex on Toast and Client Liaison climb the ranks and with Euphoria, Total Giovanni release a 12-song document that establishes their own repute.