Toro y Moi's 'Outer Peace' sees the restless Chaz Bear change the game once again

The thrill-seeking multi-instrumentalist and visionary is off wandering again. 

Opening with the synth-heavy, Kaytranada-esque bounce of ‘Fading’, it’s clear from the get-go that Outer Peace is going to be a much more playful affair than the last time we heard from Toro y Moi on 2017’s Boo Boo. Across ten tracks sonically derived from the likes of house, funk and hip hop, Chaz Bear steps out to show off his prowess as a forward-thinking sonic creator working without limitations. 

Electro bop ‘Laws of the Universe’ nods its head to the tongue in cheek lyricism of LCD Soundsystem (“James Murphy is spinning at my house/I met him at Coachella”), while ‘New House’ sees Bear flex his trap muscles on a track about the stresses of navigating a busy airport which could have come straight from the likes of past collaborator Travis Scott, (“Right when I touch down got anxiety, fuck/Follow signs out to the terminal/JFK is a different kind of animal.”)

Elsewhere, Bear adds a dash of acid-house with the squelchy ‘Who I Am,’ while lead single ‘Freelance’ combines an irresistible funk groove with hilariously self-observant lyricism (“No more shoes and socks, I only rock sandals/I can’t tell if I’m hip or getting old”). Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, Outer Peace is an extremely palatable and enjoyable project that underscores Bear’s strengths as a producer and songwriter to great effect.