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Melbourne rapper Tornts has been hard at work in the studio and has just dropped a gutter promo clip for a track called No Escape

With its drums, nasty synth line, bass and sick flows its straight up street rap outta Melbourne.  It's off the upcoming album Concrete Slang due in Feb. 2012 through Broken Tooth Entertainment.


The album is shaping up to be big with production handled by himself, Beat Butcha, Ciph Barker, Wik Beats, Nebs, Bonezy 2 Bladez as well as some other respected names in the game.

Tornts [AUS] supports Jedi Mind Tricks [USA] 9 December at Billboards Night Club with fellow Hired Goons member Bigfoot [AUS]. Keep an eye out for more clips dropping soon and check his music on iTunes, TorntsTV on YouTube or hit up the Broken Tooth Entertainment website.