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Top Ten Nautical Tunes With The Anchors

10 - The Pogues and The Dubliners - The Irish Rover

"Brett is Johnny McGirk who was scared stiff of work and Pat is Slugger O'Toole who was drunk as a rule."


9 - The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat

"Sorry. Ten songs is hard."


8 - Misery Signals - Anchor

"You can't go wrong with hard mosh riffs mixed with tender lyrics about 'heartfelt waters and crystal skies'."


7 - After The Burial - To Carry You Away

"Chris plays this band in the van sometimes and they're hell good if you're into bogan metal."


6 - Thrice - The Whaler

"The Alchemy Index was a really brave set of songs and we could name any of the songs off the Water EP in this spot."


5 - Grenadiers - Abandon Ship

"Tip-top Adelaide band that everyone should check out. Go do it now."


4 - The Police - Message in a Bottle

"Stewart Copeland 2 minutes 10 seconds in."


3 - Spanish Ladies (Quint from Jaws performing)

"We consider ourselves to be tour dogs and this songs about ye olde tour dogs on the high seas."


2 - A Wilhelm Scream - Anchor End

"The band that is the reason we're a band!"


1 - The Gaslight Anthem - I Coulda Been a Contender

"The best song off the best album by the best band. All of us fuckin' love this band and that's rare."

Anchors will be celebrating the vinyl release of their debut album Bad Juju with their gig mateys The Outsiders (NZ), Strickland and Outright at The Tote on Friday July 1.