Top six Melbourne influences with Jade Imagine

This is the hardest list ever because there are so many bands I want to include here but this will have to do.

The Ocean Party are a bunch of lovely people and they churn out great album after great album. Lachlan’s drumming is killer – best driving music ever. Snowy is also the bass player in Jade Imagine.
King Gizzard are also the loveliest dudes. Their live show is so gnarly – I wish I could play like that. Their sets are like cardio workouts for the crowd. I’d definitely be ripped AF if I played in that band.
Coastbusters –Fabian Hunter, Zoe Fox and crew are some of the best musicians I’ve met. Best vibes and I do love me some good old surf tunes.
Crepes – Tim is such a great songwriter and I love the sounds he gets in his recordings. I really want to do some collabs with him for sure.
The Great Outdoors – All of the bands that Zach Schneider is a part of are amazing – so lush. Totally Mild included.
Emma Russack is one of the best songwriters I’ve ever met. Her lyrics are so, so good. So smart, witty and engaging.

Jade Imagine will perform at The Tote on Friday May 12 supporting Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and The Gaso on Friday May 19. What The Fuck Was I Thinking is out now via Milk! Records.