Top Five Tracks to Drink To with DJ Total Eclipse

J-kwon – Tipsy: This was once played at the prime moment of the night everywhere around the globe. I rarely play it nowadays unless someone brings a drink of my choice, with a $20 bill and a serviette that reads "Can you play the Tipsy?" with a smiley face on it, which would make us both happy.
Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pools: The mood of this song fits the everyday struggle in life, getting up to work and ending it with a drink – no matter if you’re on lunch break, commuting back home, or at a club. I remember playing this in 2012 and it’s still hypnotic to me and my fellow sippers around the world. 
Rhianna – Drink to That:  An ice cold Corona with lime matches this song perfectly when pointing it in the air. Join me during this holy matrimony moment to raise your drink and be proud that we made it through the week. Forget about the past and just enjoy the spirit of the moment. Cheers to that.  
LMFAOShots: The chorus sends adrenaline to the body uncontrollably, like shockwaves through the spine. It’s the worst if you’re trying to play it cool unless you follow the instructions – grab a shot and get ready to let loose as the chorus hits – shots all the way until the end.
Tha Alkaholiks – Only When I’m Drunk: Last but not least we have Tha Liks. It’s a certified hip hop classic, from a group specialising in excellent beats and rhymes about party and bullshit. A laid back melodic loop with some of the coolest lyrics flowing like liquid keeps the head nodding – I love to hear and play this song.

DJ Total Eclipse will take over Section 8 as part of the Brooklyn Block Party on Saturday May 20. Further artists include GE-OLOGY, ESESE and more.