Top Five Tips For Success With Alex Watts

If It Works Do It Again - I got to dress up in drag and attempt some choreographed dance moves for the film clip for my album’s first single, Hopeful, and the dazzling spectacle seemed to be enough to convince people to listen to the song. So for Reunited, my new single, I’ll be shooting myself out of a cannon from the top of Flinders Street Station while miming the words every day for the next week.
Substance Is For Suckers - After years of worrying about lyrical content and complex arrangements, when it came time to make my album I decided that the best thing I could do for my career was to be really, really, good looking. I haven’t looked back since.
Girls Dig Song Cycles - If there’s one thing that keeps me in this game, it’s the babes. And as we all know, girls dig dudes who write album length song cycles about trust, religion and murder. They go nuts for it.
Narcissism Pays The Bills - Choosing to be just another member of a band when instead you could make it all about yourself is a no brainer. Since ditching band titles and putting out music under my own name I spend all day penning hits in front of a big mirror.
Surround Yourself With Talent - Look, I’m not an idiot. I know there are better singers in Melbourne, but I make sure that my band are shit hot and also really, really good looking.

Alex Watts will play at The Post Office Hotel on Saturday May 6.