Top Five Kiss Tracks with Ablaze

She – All about that sleazy, dirty, ‘70s rock groove that a lot of Melbourne bands are adopting these days. Just as you think this cool song is about to end, they kick it into overdrive and smash it for a home run.
Deuce– The essence of Kiss. You can hear every member’s influence along with the rock’n’roll fantasy that every teenage boy of the ‘70s could connect to. Deuce immediately sucks you in with that killer intro hook, and then smacks you in the face with an honest, no bullshit three-chord riff.
Lick It Up – This song signifies two things. The first is living life to the fullest with no regrets, having fun, and appreciating everything that life brings. The second is change. It also celebrated the point when Kiss took their make-up off, and proved to the world that they didn't need it or the theatrics.
Unholy – This song welcomed Gene back as 'The Demon'. Although not in make-up, he found his place at the front after ten years. Heavy guitar riffage, great songwriting and now with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick, it made Kiss tight, mean, and tough.
Love Gun – This is an Ablaze favourite. Arguably influenced ‘80s cock rock. It has everything from a speedy, killer guitar solo, Paul Stanley's wailing tenor vocals, four-part harmonies in the chorus, thumping bass line, a tempo and chord progression to get your heart pumping, and of course plenty of innuendo.

Ablaze will play the Kiss Convention After Party with The Spindrift Saga at The Brunswick Hotel on Saturday May 13.