Top 5 Moustaches In Music with Alex L’Estrange

Does the mo make the music? I can almost guarantee the answer is yes. However it’s an interesting choice regardless. Why would anybody intentionally let that thick, hairy caterpillar establish itself upon one’s upper lip? Eating and kissing becomes harder. It collects drool overnight and moulds itself into a bird’s nest by morning. Who in their right mind would do this to themselves? I would. And here are five artists I really like who’ve done the same.
1. The Beatles It seems that as The Beatles’ music grew into the psychedelic, proto-progressive triumph that is Sgt. Pepper’s, so too did their moustaches. Coincidence?
2. Quincey Jones With a well groomed ‘stache like that who wouldn’t trust his vision? This is why Thriller was so good and sold 110 million copies.
3. Freddie Mercury This one’s obvious but how could I not add Freddie? He set the bar. It wasn’t even a phase; it was pretty much there from the beginning until the end. This is beautiful stuff.
4. Nick Cave I read that his wife persuaded him to cut it off after a very long and arduous flight back to Australia. I can understand her point but it’s a shame, this was a powerful look for Cave.
5. Derek Smalls (Spinal Tap) Jazz is a music based on fear, and Derek’s moustache is a perfect specimen.

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