Top 5 Up the Guts tour moments with Neighbourhood Youth

Mount Gambier. Fresh into South Australia we played a Tuesday night gig in Mount Gambier in a local bakery. Didn’t have big expectations but boy did it kick off. Locals really turned it on with messy crowd surfers and munted smiles, all over the smell of fresh baked bread and pastry.
Santa Teresa. Played a show in Santa Teresa – a small, Indigenous community of about 500, around 80km out of Alice Springs. This was chaos in the best way possible. Probably the hardest gig for our sound guy Roy as 50 kids and dogs occupied the stage and drum kit the whole night. The whole community ended up coming down, which was huge.
The NT stars. For me the first truly elated moment was climbing the ridge of the Henbury meteorite crater with the group to see the true expanse of Australia with nothing for hundreds of kilometres in every direction, then later to sleep under the outback stars with absolutely no light pollution. Brain melting stuff.
Swimming with freshies. Early morning rise in Katherine to hike deep into the gorge for some cliff diving into crocodile-infested water. Fears were overcome that day by all.
Tour buddies. Spending a month on a bus drinking tins and playing cards with 17 legends. Dumb Punts, Loose Tooth, Jack, Jimmy, Slyme, Joey, Dingo Luke and Roy all found deep places in our hearts. Couldn’t have put a better crew together.

Neighbourhood Youth’s new single Lately is out now. They’ll support Halcyon Drive at Yah Yah’s on Saturday October 7.