Tonight Alive : Underworld

2016 was a rough year for a lot of us, and Tonight Alive were no exception. The top of the year saw them release their third studio album, Limitless, which was ultimately about as antithetical a title that could have been picked. 

Now widely regarded as the band's first major misstep, the album was riddled with over-shot marks and ill-advised radio-pop songs – later revealed to be at the behest of their major-label higher-ups. 18 months later, the band returned – beaten down, but not out.


The release of lead single ‘Temple’ felt like a timely release of pent-up tension, and that same catharsis follows much of album number four, Underworld. Vocalist Jenna McDougall is as fiery and defiant as she's ever been, ascending to new heights on highlights such as ‘Crack My Heart’ and ‘The Other’, while her bandmates keep up the pace.


Their pop-punk roots are still rattling around in songs like the Lynn Gunn-assisted ‘Disappear,’ but they've also allowed their alt-rock and post-hardcore branches to grow and blossom. Things may have taken a hellish turn for a second there, but the destination of Underworld appears to have been well worth the journey. Pound-for-pound, it’s possibly their best yet.