Tonight Alive : Limitless


Tonight Alive’s third album proves you can write three to four minute pop rock tunes and still remain varied and interesting. The first thing that hits you as you embark on the album-length journey is the Sydney band’s sheer diversity. Track to track they’re full of surprises, especially within the context of a pop rock album. Naturally, there is snappy, up-tempo stuff to get you movin’ and groovin’ (To Be Free), some rather beautifully executed ballads (Oxygen), and more emotional, expansive tracks (Human Interaction, which is quite magnificent). And that’s just the first three tracks.
Limitless is a highly appropriate title for this record. Tonight Alive obviously made the decision to place no boundaries on their songwriting and just let it all hang out. Every track has a definite identity and bears the imprint of the band’s heart and soul. At the same time, every song is ultra-catchy in its own right and will appeal to the band’s massive teen and young adult following.
Limitless is a superbly crafted pop rock record that should cement this band’s position in the mainstream stratosphere.