Tonight Alive are performing an intimate unplugged performance in Melbourne

And we've got the inside scoop. 

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How did you (Lachlan), Adrian and Alexander get together with the idea for The Black Rabbit? Opening a bar is something I think every bartender jokes about after the end of their first busy shift. Five years ago Adrian and I were at a whisky convention in Brisbane and decided it was time to knuckle down and make the dream a reality.
What did you do before TBR and what does that bring to the venture? My background lies heavily in the music industry. I have has been playing in bands since I was 16 and was lucky enough to travel the world playing in Make Them Suffer and Earth Caller. Being a musician has taught me a lot about how crucial marketing and artistic direction are and that is something that I’ve brought to The Black Rabbit. Adrian and Alex come from more than ten years in hospitality, running some of the biggest bars/nightclubs in Melbourne and London and their infinite knowledge has been paramount to the success of the business from an operations standpoint.
What was your aim when starting TBR, and how has that idea grown and come to life? The Black Rabbit has changed a lot since it was a twinkle in the less than sober eyes of Adrian and I. Hospitality is an ever-changing field and it’s important to be flexible in order to achieve success. Originally we wanted to open a bar with a ‘50s rock feel, great cocktails and American Dive Bar vibe. We have still managed to keep aspects of this, however, due to our space and location we’ve found The Black Rabbit to be better designed for nightclub events and functions, and have altered our plan to focus on those aspects.
What can we eat and drink at TBR? Food wise we provide American style comfort food (think mac & cheese, cheeseburger parcels, buffalo wings, sliders etc). Drink wise we have something for everybody. We have awesome cocktails and a spirit selection that bartenders can come in and be pleasantly surprised by.
What sets TBR apart from other venues in the CBD? Our staff and vibe. I’m always amazed at how hospitable and lovely our staff are and it always warms my heart to know we have such a strong team. From our bartenders, to our promoters, everyone is a strong-knit family.
You’re about to host Tonight Alive at TBR. How did that come about? Jenna is a good friend of mine and a few months ago Neal Walters approached me asking if Tonight Alive could shoot some of their new music video ‘Temple’ at the venue. We’ve had five music videos(Tonight Alive, Deez Nuts, Storm the Sky, Stand Atlantic and Bad Juju) in our venue since we opened under two years ago, and I love the sense of community the venue brings. I wanted to create something special for their fans to be able to engage in something slightly out of the norm.
What are some of The Black Rabbit’s main drawcards? Our Saturday night old school R&B club night ‘Brooklyn On Queen’ has quickly become an institution and has been with us since day one.
Do you hope to make live music a mainstay? I’d love to bring live music to The Black Rabbit, but only on occasions where we can create something special and different.
What are some of your favourite nights at The Black Rabbit? My favourite nights are often when friends from different states or countries pass through on tour and we all come together in the one place. It doesn’t matter whether it’s members of Madonna’s band or a thrash metal band from Europe, there’s always a magic that binds everyone together and creates unforgettable nights.
What sort of crowd does the venue attract? Being in the heart of the CBD and in the business district, we’re graced with lots of terrific corporate locals during the week. On Friday and Saturday night our crowd changes to lovers of RnB.
Anything else to add? Since our short time opening we’ve had Usain Bolt, Metro Boomin, EveryTime I Die, The Violent Femmes, Monte Pittman (Madonna’s guitarist) and a whole bunch more people visit the venue, so you never know who you might see.

The Black Rabbit will host an intimate, acoustic performance by Tonight Alive, with Young Lions and Tory Robertson (Harbours) on Thursday January 11. Get your tickets here.
The Black Rabbit is located at 85 Queen Street, Melbourne.