Tom Vek : Leisure Seizure

Six years. It's a long time between albums to be sure, but especially long when that gulf happens to be between a debut and sophomore. A lot can happen in the ever-shifting musical landscape, and the one that canvassed Mr Vek's We Have Sound and its taste-making mix of electro and alternative rock structures, has changed drastically; but Leisure Seizure acts as if unaffected by the intervening changes.


The strongest cuts are those that stick closest to the blueprint Vek laid out in his initial outing, namely finding the symptomatic meeting point between brash beats and stylish synths, with a fondness for a catchy melody. Aroused is an infectious mix of cacophonous old synths, videogame noises and crashing drum machines - and still manages to sound pop. A Chore plants a grating rhythm track against its celebration of laziness, while World of Doubt contains the rare appearance of a guitar. Elsewhere A.P.O.L.O.G.Y. marks another worthy entry to the 'song with a chorus as spelling bee' canon.


It's latter-half, the brooding abstractions of Close Mic-d aside, begins to lose steam; but the lasting effect is that this sounds likes such a natural follow-up to Vek's electro-branded indie-rock - so why the lengthy gestation? At this rate, the next time Tom Vek checks in, he might not sound as rebelliously defiant and out-of-step as hopelessly retro and out-of-touch.

Best Track: Aroused.

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In A Word : Tardy.