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Tim & Jean : Like What

Summer: The sun is shining, the beers are cold, the beach is calling and there's usually one iconic album that's of 'the moment', and on permanent repeat. MGMT's Oracular Spectacular was one that immediately springs to recent mind and upon hearing certain songs now, instantly conjures up memories of festivals, road trips and other summer-fun stuff from that particular period.


This year, Like What, the sweet and poppy album from Mandurah (Perth, Western Australia) duo Tim & Jean is the flavour of the month. Sure, it's a little late for summer, but listening to tracks like Veronika, I Can Show You, the title track Like What and the lesser known but just as awesome Afrika could make an inuit feel like they're at a beach party.


So syrupy it's almost nauseating (and for some, it may cross the line of bearable), it sounds young - which would be because they're young. Tim is 20 and Jean is 17, so their music is ultimately aimed at that same demographic. However, it's so catchy that it's quite irresistible and should you ever catch them live, I suggest that it will be difficult to resist dancing.


The best track is Afrika with its cheeky lyrics and danceable electro beat. However, opener and title track Like What is just as fun, yet slightly cruisier. Give It Up is reminiscent of MGMT at their Oracular peak and Solina is a frenzy of dance beats and breezy overlaid ovals.


Having received plenty of airplay on Triple J over the past couple of months, they began their radio success with Come Around, which made the finals of the national broadcaster's Unearthed High competition. They were later selected by the station to play at Parklife and around the same time were signed. They've been compared to Passion Pit for their bright, dancey electro-pop. However, the occasional grungy guitar slur and synth heatwaves that permeate some tracks suggest a rebellious, gutsy Australianness, absent in Passion Pit's edgy but more electronic dance music.


Ultimately, this album will brighten any less-than-summer day if you're in to sometimes cheesy, but always fun, electro pop.


Best track: Afrika

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In a word: Summer