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Tijuana Cartel @ Northcote Social Club

Hailing from the sunnier side of our country, Tijuana Cartel has built a firm reputation for creating electronic and booty-bouncing tracks. It’s their combination of multi-layering grooves, touches of slide and flamenco guitar, trumpet, and Afro-Cuban percussion mixed with some badass electronic that always seem to get the crowd going. And this night was no exception.


Gracing the stage of the Northcote Social Club, it was a slow start for the Gold Coast five-piece, who – eventually taking to their respective instruments – had every punter within the walls of the Northcote Social Club bouncing, bopping, shaking and clapping from the get go. Standing at the forefront of the band, frontman Paul George led by example – creating energy and vibes that could only be counterbalanced by what you would imagine to be any other multi-faceted genre of music.


Mainly consisting of tracks from their most recent studio album, M1, the band’s performance only elaborated on what their studio music has been signifying; that this beautifully composed (and not too bad on the eyes) five-piece have the strengths to delve into multiple genres and annihilate them without a hitch. Each one of them, amazing musicians in their own right, played their integral parts to the performance. The aforementioned effervescent frontman, Paul George, standing at the forefront of his troupe and leading by example as he tore into his flamenco and slide guitar, sitar and vocals; only to be accompanied by the electronica and melodica sounds of Carey O’Sullivan, the MC mastery of Regan Hoskins, Daniel Gonzalez’s Latin percussion, and of course Josh Sinclair’s trumpet. After all, what’s a good gig without a bit of trumpet?


If listening to the band on record doesn’t instil their undeniable talent, then their live shows most certainly will. With an abundance of liveliness and charisma, the lads from Queensland inspired an influx of energy that spread like a plague throughout the Northcote Social Club that night. Sunday night isn’t really one of those times where you’d expect craziness to ensue throughout those four walls, but Tijuana Cartel had no problem getting every body in that venue moving. People danced, people jigged, people moved, and everyone was having a good time.


Throughout the setlist, tracks like Rise Up and White Dove gave everyone the perfect invitation to get their bums wiggling, and they did. Ending in a combination of sweat and controlled chaos, everyone left the Northcote Social Club that night with a huge smile on their face. Myself included.




LOVED: Using my booty like Beyonce.

HATED: Sweaty, gross drunk dudes.

DRANK: Beer.