Through The Eyes Of The Dead : Disomus

Fans of South Carolinian outfit Through The Eyes Of The Dead have had to wait seven long years for the bands’ fourth studio album Disomus and, due to a number of teasers and promotions in the last few years, TTEOTD had a lot of expectations riding on their latest record.

Thanks, in part, to recruiting a talented new guitarist – Steven Funderburk from Wretched –Disomus has lived up to the hype created by the hiatus.
The record stays true to the trademark death metal/deathcore sound which made TTEOTD the band it is today, ‘Haruspex’ and ‘Teras’ are booming tracks with classic death metal riffs and slow methodical deathcore breakdowns.
The band explores progressive themes in other songs, including lots of haunting melodies and beaming guitar solos scattered throughout the record. ‘Obitual’ can almost be classified as a melodic death metal song, while ‘Ingis’ is completely acoustic with string instruments in the background and no vocals at all.
As always, TTEOTD impressed with complex songwriting and solid vocal work. Hopefully, they have found their new sound and fans won’t have to wait another seven years for the next one.