There's a post-apocalyptic dance party hitting Melbourne tonight with tunes until 5am

The BRINK is bringing an immersive dance party to Melbourne with a madcap narrative. 

The Brink is bringing a slew of techno, bass and DnB music to 24 Moons as part of Cryogenic Uprising, the tale of a maximum security prison waking up beneath the ice, after the world above has frozen over. 

Here's the story: 

"As the guards step free from their hibernation beds, they find themselves alone with no response from the surface. But the prisoners are waking up as well, and with no hope of reinforcements, they fear the coming riot could tear the facility apart. 

"The prisoners know something is wrong. The world above is a lawless paradise, ready for the taking if they can just escape this place." 

Get your best post-apocalyptic garb on for the night and hit the d-floor with Citizen.com, Cadron Hollider, Nikki Sig, Obsessive Behaviour and more with tunes right up until 5am. 

It's going down at 24 Moons tonight, August 10, from 9pm - 5am. Tickets are one sale now