There were mum jokes, nostalgia, and chemistry when All Time Low came to Melbourne

First up was Arizona rockers The Maine. They jumped, span and danced through an energetic set that revved the crowd right up. Welsh pop-punk outfit Neck Deep were next, adding a harder edge to the evening, as they passionately delivered a furious set. 
All Time Low sent fans into a frenzy, kicking off the show with Weightless, and the whole stage was illuminated by bright flashes of light and colour as fans sung along to every word. 
Just when fans thought All Time Low were at their peak, they followed with Somewhere in Neverland, further driving their audience into boundless fits of energy. Vocalist Alex Gaskarth projected his voice, while the rest of the band collaborated together brilliantly to embody the meaning behind the songs, as if the band had only written them yesterday. 
At one point, the entire room was lit as Gaskarth showcased his true vocal prowess through a solo, acoustic performance of Therapy. Gaskarth’s vocals were filled with emotion as the audience lit their phone torches and waved their arms in the air. All Time Low balanced the nostalgia with a handful of new songs from their upcoming album Last Young Renegade, which included Life Of The Party and Dirty Laundry, adding more of a party feel, but effectively depicting the band’s eagerness to experiment with other genres.
In between songs, All Time Low put a lot of effort into entertaining their audience; one notable moment included guitarist Jack Barakat calling his mum on loudspeaker to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, which earned a lot of laughs from the audience. The band also comically shared mum jokes, and while the banter was cheesy, it never felt staged – it was clear the band are truly best mates, and their onstage chemistry shone through.
As well as proving just how talented they all are, All Time Low showed everybody that they’re comfortable to let loose and make fun of each other, which only enhanced the animated vibe that they radiated all night.
Words by Christine Tsimbis
Image by Matt Holliday
Highlight: Somewhere in Neverland
Lowlight: Nothing 
Crowd favourite: Weightless