There is no power greater than that of Stevie Nicks

Of course Stevie Nicks– one of the most influential women this universe has ever been blessed with – performs alongside two other power-women. 

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David Harris

Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders) and our very own Ali Barter. With Nicks’ alluring grace in sound, presence and soul, a day with her was a day comparable to nothing else. Although this time around, we got to know a different side of Nicks – one with a lot more stories to tell. 

The Pretenders livened the crowd with their rock creations exempting strength and spirit. With a well-considered compound of both old and new creations, Hydne and her band got even the shyest of fans up and rocking out.

What really saw the crowd’s arms raised up in enjoyment was ‘I’ll Stand By You’the first of many tear-jerking moments. ‘Middle of the Road’ and ‘Hymn To Her’ along with the band’s new tracks were also stellar moments. 

As The Pretenders wrapped-up and the sun turned orange, on came Nicks. Draped in flowing capes, she was glistening and awe-inspiring. She welcomed her voice to the winery and surroundings with ‘Gold and Braid’. Nicks’ dedicated the show to the passing of her dear friend Tom Petty and unveiled that this show was unlike any other Stevie Nicks show you’ve seen before. This time, she’d be storytelling throughout.

Nicks broke in with ‘Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around’joined by Hynde singing Petty's part – then ‘Gypsy’ as the sky turned a glorious pink. She worked through many songs, both old and new. 

‘Dreams' was at first noticed from a subtle change in drumbeat recognisable to even the most distracted of audience members. Although we all yearned to completely lose ourselves to its beauty, and even more so as it was performed live before us, Nicks brought us together to a calm level of admiration using nothing but her iconic, beautiful voice.

‘Edge of Seventeen’ sat as the song of the night, with a drawn-out rendition showcasing the parts of Nicks’ voice that have only grown stronger with age. She thanked the audience and we thanked her as she left in a sea of applause. Though the night was not done, and she soon returned with a final blast of ‘Rhiannon and of course ‘Landslide’. 

Iconic. Seminal. Blissful. Stevie Nicks is the queen of '70s pop and beyond. Long may she reign.