Tedeschi Trucks Band's 'Signs' is a majestic release from the husband-wife duo

Another fantastic release from the acclaimed two-piece.

The chaotic, beautiful ocean contrasting with the breezy calm orange sky can sum up the nature of Tedeschi Trucks Band’s Signs quite nicely. If I go any further in this over-analysation, I’ll sound like a bored student, so I’ll get on with it.

Armed with a monstrous 12-piece band, TTB tackle a turbulent time that surrounds them, and they tackle it the best way they can. How? They drive through their 11 tracks graciously whilst raising therapeutic themes and sounds. ‘I’m Gonna Be There’ and ‘Walk Through This Life’ make their case solid, with the former sounding like it belongs on The Big Chill soundtrack.

Unlike their previous outing Let Me Get By, they’ve resorted to simpler and restrained song structures. It still allows for its members to shine, especially its two main leaders. ‘Hard Case’, ‘They Don’t Shine’ and ‘Shame’ demonstrate the perfect music marriage between husband and wife team Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi.

Closing on a sentimental tear-jerker, ‘The Ending’ exhibits Tedeschi’s amazing vocals – a testament to her talent and expertise after decades in the music industry.

Signs brings forth yet another stomping record from Tedeschi Trucks Band, and is certainly not to be missed. 


By Rhys McKenzie