Tanya George

Top five Songwriting Tips

Ahead of her slot at the Real Songwriters of Melbourne showcase and an EP launch to boot, songwriter and instrumentalist Tanya George shares her top five tips for writing music.
Listen: Never underestimate how long it really takes to find a sound that is your own and also reflects a vibe that is you.
The Journey: I've found it's never been about finishing the song, but more about the journey and the healing process music can be.
Feel: I love how strong songwriting can sometimes make you feel about something, and then how amazingly vulnerable you can be at the same time.
Honesty: Honesty is the key as a songwriter for my music.
Persistence: It's okay experiment and to try something a million different ways, as persistence is key.

Tanya George will be part of Real Songwriters of Melbourne Showcase at Workers Club on Sunday March 19. She’ll launch her EP Sonder at Revolver Upstairs on Friday April 7.