Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving on their record Yield To Despair

There’s an extreme air of melancholy surrounding Behn Stacy. He speaks with a firm and hardened tone but beneath that stony surface is the voice of man who is an integral member of experimental metal group Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving.  

On tour with Japanese avant-garde metallers Boris, it won’t be the first time the two bands have teamed up.  Where Boris often perform with two or three necked guitars with which they often manipulate drones of sludge and somewhat extra-terrestrial experimentation, Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving are known for their use of heavy metal piano.  “We toured with them back in 2012, maybe 2013,” says Stacy.
“How do the two bands complement one another? We’re moving in a similar circle – Boris are known for being experimental at times.”
An understatement if there ever was one, but Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving aren’t without their own elements of experimentation. Using technology and effects they don’t tinkle on the ivories so much as they replace any notions of a singer with the pummelling crashes of a piano’s tone. “Our keyboard player uses an electric keyboard on stage, synth filtering and guitar effects at times, none of it is clean piano parts, acting as a second guitar in some ways.”
You’d be fooled in to thinking you were listening to a grand piano the way the band have collaborated on manipulating the instrument’s tone, and having one involved isn’t off the cards for the future. “We often speak about that, I think we’ve used an old vintage Yamaha piano which is kind of hardwood acoustic electric and I think that one has made it on to song tracks on the album [Yield to Despair], but other than that it’s all electronic,” Stacy says. “We do talk about trying to track the sounds of a grand at some point in the future, with forthcoming albums.”
Yield To Despair is a very emotive title for an album, and its tracks ring out just as twisted and dark – there’s a message here somewhere, even if it’s one that isn’t directly audible. “We generally try to focus on how the music makes us feel or what kind of feelings it might evoke as a listener,” Stacy says. “It’s never a direct, real thing, more of an associated sentiment. That feeling associates with what’s happening.
“The title Yield To Despair, our bass player was reading a book of poetry and one of the lines in it was ‘yield to despair.’ In the context that we were hoping to use it, it’s about accepting [that] life is full of darkness at times and things that you have to face when they come up, and it’s about trying to gain something from it to move forward in a positive way.
“We were looking around at some of the things that are happening in the world and some of the things happening to us personally at the time [of writing the album], trying to make sense of it all and trying to express something that hopefully has an element of hope in that song, that you can actually turn around and push to be something bigger than yourself.”
By Anna Rose

Tangled Thoughts of Leaving will support Boris on Friday May 19 at Max Watt’s.